LKER S1 double diaphragm monster waterproof outdoor speakers upcoming 4 unit

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Brand: LKER/LingKe;Model: S1;Sound box type: outdoor waterproof;The connecting way: wireless;Are there any microphone: so;Audio interface: 3.5 mm;Speaker output audio source: portable audio and video;Cable length: 1.3 m;Sensitivity: 107 db;Impedance: 12 Ω;Frequency response range: 8 ~ 26000 hz;Speakers categories: portable fever acoustics;Driver: 4 80 px carbon fiber horn and 2 high-performance bass diaphragm

Product selling point
1. Acme portable, body size and iphone6 similar size, currently the world's most thin "portable audio
2. The top design, in such a small place inside the fuselage 4 high-performance carbon fiber horn, let the personage inside course of study plaint unceasingly!
3. Adopt double diaphragm to make up for the cavity, guarantee the bass effect
4. Dozens of senior HIFI enthusiast elaborate set-up, unmatched balance quality
5. Configuration on the market at present is the most powerful portable waterproof speakers
6. Pricing populist super high cost performance
7. Use LKER consistent style appearance, surface cover adopts aluminium opening process, let the fuselage dynamic and simple sense!
8.7 waterproof can meet your all outdoor activities.
9. LKER s1 is designed to break the portable audio volume limit and to guarantee the quality of the sound quality. After a long time of test and the wisdom of engineers, we put our ideas into reality, the current is so strong the configuration of the outdoor portable audio is first at home,

LKER S1 for what type of music?S1 three relatively balanced frequency, high analytical ability, wide dynamic range, but because of considering the design of portable speaker cavity is very small, so the bass will be less, but at the same level speakers inside we have no rival.

LKER S1 is equivalent to the current market price of the product?S1 design goal is to contrast 800 yuan level of products on the market.Sound evaluation is very subjective, everyone's standard is different.But in the early of a large number of professional users, the vast majority of people believe that it can be compared to the current market 800 yuan of speakers, achieving the target of our design.From the material and workmanship, it reached the level of products, product creative design and processing appearance is unique!

LKER S1 need warm?Many theories about the warm, in principle, the use of a period of time can let the headset diaphragm moderate ageing, to achieve the best effect.You need not deliberately to talk on machine, but after get S1, can listen to frequency more rich music (a lot of pop music is good), not to pay attention to the volume too much.Dozens of hours later, S1 may be more suitable for your ears.
LKER S1 support calls?support

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