LKER SOUL is about to start in the business

Author:Liu hong ping    Time:2015-07-01 12:26:00    browse

New Year new atmosphere!In the Lantern Festival, LKER together with all the staff wish all friends happy New Year, in the business.
Open first thing in our upcoming LKER flagship model LKER SOUL, the models in the whole design process, our designers to work toward the aim of the "four super" to research and development production: super beautiful appearance, super quality, super stability of bluetooth, strong momentum.Now I simply introduce: appearance has actually been a general concept, and subjective, not directly with quantitative indicators to define strengths and weaknesses of a product.But there is a proverb called everybody in the world of love, LKER SOUL, I believe that this product can do this, because the specular oxidation of metal wire drawing process is will seize person eyeball, also raised the grade of the product, belongs to a portable fittings such as bag with makings fastidious, also have lifted products, a pair of carbon fiber horn like jiongjiongweishen eyes, 'let you fondle admiringly.

degree of separation, listen to the voice clear and comfortable, can be refreshing.High frequency on the go, extended range is larger, voice Zhang Youli, also won't break.In all three frequency natural cohesion, LKER SOUL do the three frequency gold collocation, suitable for different people interest in sound quality.

Since is the bluetooth speakers, that the stability of the bluetooth is decided LKER SOUL, the one aspect of quality, general test range is outdoors, no WIFI spectrum space, main is to simulate the outdoor scene when using, it is important to note speakers with mobile phones can't exist any obstacle, under the condition of our LKER SOUL is far greater than the theoretical value of 10 meters, reached 19 meters of terror.Need to note is that the speaker in the process of testing the playback effect have great relationship with mobile phone put Angle, parallel test is the best, this is also a method to test the effective distance of the international association of bluetooth.This result is remarkable, after all, our product is the low power amp tycoons disdain!This is LKER SOUL is unique, do things for normal people.

Speakers of life ignored by many manufacturers at home, this is precisely what the bluetooth speaker quality embodies the most main link.We use is 2000 ma enough A product batteries, polymer battery, in the condition of full electric bluetooth connection can continue normal volume 10 hours, audio line connection can continue normal volume 12 hours.

All in all, LKER SOUL as LKER speaker product's flagship model, point is more than I introduce the "four super", and look forward to you to discover.It is worth mentioning that the official price is 399 RMB, I personally think that should be combined with high ratio of the fifth "super", to the most comprehensive interpretation LKER SOUL.